Problems Associated With Leaving Stumps In Your Yard

stump grinding churchillTree stumps can possibly disturb you as they are not a good site to look at. They can also become hazardous for you, your property and family if you are not careful. Here are some issues regarding tree stumps.

Home for pests

As nature will eventually digest dead trees, the stump in your property will decay and will eventually attract pests like ants, beetles and other wood boring insects. Some trees even allow termites inside which could be dangerous as termites can eventually come inside your home.

They are ugly

Tree stumps can tarnish the appearance of your yard and it can be annoying why a dead tree is still in your yard, in full view. Getting rid of the stump can help the aesthetic value of your property especially if you are considering on selling your house.

Takes space

These stumps will use space in your garden or your yard. As the stump is big or even small, it can still take space. When you remove the stump, you are also opening up an unusable pace which you can also use in planting shrubs or just use the space to create a playground or shed.

Will create problems

These stumps can become a hazard especially when the rotting wood has created diseases to other plants and other problems with the soil. The stump can also create problems because they now become a trip hazard.

How to handle such situations? Do not panic. Call a specialized stump grinder to identify your tree ’s needs.