Is Pruning Necessary To Trees?

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. This will depend on the range of why you should prune. If it is just light pruning or you just want to remove some dead branches, then do it any time of the year. But for most cases, you will have to consider the season for the safety and health of your trees.

Is it OK to prune trees in the winter?

You can prune trees in the winter. It is the most common time to prune trees as trees are dormant. When spring comes, trees are more robust and will have plenty of new growth. To be more effective in tree pruning, wait until the coldest time of the winter has passed.

You can also prune in the summer, but mostly the reason for pruning is to slow the growth of the branches you don’t want or to slow the development of the tree or branch. Another reason why some prune their trees in the summer is they want to correct the growth of the tree.

When not to prune?

Among the four seasons, it is not recommended to prune during the fall. Better store your pruning tools in your garage and wait for the next season since decay spread more rapidly during fall and wounds are seemed slower to heal during that time.

If you are still confused about whether your tree needs pruning to ask a professional arborist for help. Certain trees may be better to be pruned for a specific season and your arborist will give you a better understanding of your trees are ready for it.

How To Prepare Your Trees For The Storm

arborist services redbankAfter a heavy rain that is accompanied by a lot of wind, some trees can have their branches become weak and stressed that could lead them to get their branches broken, or the trees being displaced. Before a possible storm, have your arborist check and prepare your trees for the storm.

Your trees can encounter a lot of problems during the storm season and they can even damage your property if they are not checked. Storms can cause the limbs or the whole trees to fall down and in most cases, they can land on cars, houses, offices and the likes.

To prepare your tree from the coming storms, consider getting tree trimming. Consult with a professional and have them assess the trees and see if there is a possibility that can cause damage when during a storm.

Most do not know if their trees have occurring problems and it is important to know this in advance so that they will not cause any damage to property. The condition of the tree will also determine if they can bring any harm during a heavy rain.

When the trees are trimmed by a specialist, these plants can create branches that are healthy and firm. However, you have to pay special consideration to trees that are newly planted, have thick canopies, dead or about to die, branches that are near the house structure, and so on.

Talk to your arborist what services they can do for your tree to better take care of them and to also avoid the dangers of having branches falling down.

Problems Associated With Leaving Stumps In Your Yard

stump grinding churchillTree stumps can possibly disturb you as they are not a good site to look at. They can also become hazardous for you, your property and family if you are not careful. Here are some issues regarding tree stumps.

Home for pests

As nature will eventually digest dead trees, the stump in your property will decay and will eventually attract pests like ants, beetles and other wood boring insects. Some trees even allow termites inside which could be dangerous as termites can eventually come inside your home.

They are ugly

Tree stumps can tarnish the appearance of your yard and it can be annoying why a dead tree is still in your yard, in full view. Getting rid of the stump can help the aesthetic value of your property especially if you are considering on selling your house.

Takes space

These stumps will use space in your garden or your yard. As the stump is big or even small, it can still take space. When you remove the stump, you are also opening up an unusable pace which you can also use in planting shrubs or just use the space to create a playground or shed.

Will create problems

These stumps can become a hazard especially when the rotting wood has created diseases to other plants and other problems with the soil. The stump can also create problems because they now become a trip hazard.

How to handle such situations? Do not panic. Call a specialized stump grinder to identify your tree ’s needs.

Arborist Services – Ways To Care For Your Trees

arborist services boovalYou know trees also need TLC. And there are a lot of ways to give them the tender loving care they need from you. To start with, consider hiring a tree care professional during the summer as this is a good time to keep them stay healthy.

Proper tree care

Mulching. Since the climate is hot and dry, your local arborist can provide you with the help your trees need such as mulching. While a lot of people mulch their trees during spring, this can also be done during the summer. Mulch placed around the base of the tree will help in regulating the temperature of the and keep moisture.

Irrigation. Another form of treatment is by properly irrigating trees which are mostly important for the younger trees. Direct your attention to less-frequent watering which goes deeper to the roots than the fast and consistent watering.

Pruning. Don’t prune your trees just because you want it to look beautiful. In most cases, you will need the help of an expert if you are going to remove large sections of trees and branches. Proper care should be done when pruning a tree. It can also cause to make the tree structurally weak if not properly done.

Other ways to care for your tree. Storms may also happen and your tree and your property could be in danger. To give your tree the right care and assessment if they are going to cause any danger to your property, contact an arborist. They will assess if they need to prune branches that touching cable line to avoid possible damage.

Tree Care Services – Why Look For A Certified Arborist?

arborist services redbankTrees need to be maintained to keep them in good condition. Hiring the services of a tree expert will fill your need for tree service and maintenance. Arborists are professionals you can call for all your tree care needs. They are mostly fully trained and knows a lot about the needs of trees to grow strong and healthy.

Why look for a certified arborist?

A certified arborist is the tree guy who can provide your trees with the proper care they deserve. They provide professional care for trees and can handle difficult tree works such as transplanting and tree removal. They do not prefer removing trees unless it is really necessary.

A certified arborist puts their experience and expertise to work for you. They have attained a level of expertise in tree care services by passing a comprehensive examination and actual tests.

Arborist services include:

Planting. This is one their primary jobs. Arborists offer suggestions on the type of trees suitable for your location and give advice on how you can take care of them. Plant health care is one of their expertise so you can expect them to help ensure your trees will stay healthy by reducing the risk of diseases and insects.

Pruning. Some trees need periodic pruning in order to stay strong and healthy. Pruning can affect the health of a tree so getting the services of a certified arborist is just a smart move.

Tree removal. This is something that is done as a last resort or when the tree poses hazard to people and property. This is one of the hazardous tasks in arboriculture and certified arborists professionally trained and well equipped to handle this precarious tree work. They can also help you remove tree stumps.

These tree care experts may also help you with tree management and tree assessment. It is important to recognize an accredited tree care company to ensure you get the best tree service experience.

Stump Grinding – How To Be Prepared For The Tree Work

stump grinding purgaWhile there are available stump grinding companies who would love to assist you in removing the stump in your yard, there are those who would choose to remove their own stump on their own. If you are one of those individuals, here are some tips that can help you in the process.

Rent the right equipment. If you want to try stump grinding yourself, make sure you are prepared for the job. Start by searching for a place where you can rent a 13hp stump grinding machine. This kind of machine should have a blade similar to a circular saw but with carbide teeth which is mostly hard and perfect for grinding.

Be ready for the hazardous parts. Since the grinding machine is mostly heavy and meant for hazardous work, you also have to make sure that you will be mostly protected. Make sure that that stump grinding tooth is totally right and tighten each one especially if you are just renting.

Clear your path. Start digging out your path as much as you can since small rocks can also hinder your work and could also be dangerous once you start the grinding machine. As you do not want rocks or small chips to come flying out on you or your windows, you can place a plywood wall around the stump area.

Be ready to do some grinding. Once you think you are ready to start grinding, then begin. The difficulty of grinding will also depend on the type of tree you will grind. Make sure that you are totally prepared for this task as this is mostly the difficult and challenging part. Once you are done, get rid of the wood debris and use the area for whatever purpose you think you will use it for.

Looking After Your Fruit Trees

apple fruit tree

The fruits start to appear late in the summertime. Mature plants must be repotted once every 2-3 decades. During the first year, it should be watered at least once a week.

The astringent sort of fruits will need to get chilled before they ripen, and the non-astringent ones want to get eaten when they’re still firm.  Fruiting pear trees are extremely hardy and can tolerate a wide variety of soil and climatic problems.

Keep on reading to learn which facets of apple tree planting you want to contemplate. At any time you suspect or detect a possible threat to your trees, it could be a great time to call in a tree service that will help you properly assess and get things in order. With a little bit of additional efforts, additionally it is feasible to make the trees on your own.

Magnolia is believed to be an extremely ancient tree as a result of its nature of reproduction.

After it completes one particular year use mulch around the tree to stop the development of weeds. The timing and climate for planting an apple tree has to be right if you prefer your tree to generate excellent yields. The tree gets stronger and shows signs of health once it regrows after the pruning.

When the tree is established, water according to requirement. After it becomes well established, you can reduce the irrigation frequency.